We build ecommerce platforms that help businesses grow and expand globally.

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It's no secret that software development is a complex and challenging process. And when it comes to ecommerce platforms, the stakes are even higher.

Delivering a high-quality ecommerce platform on time can be difficult. Issues with quality can cause major delays and disrupt your business operations. Magendoo is here to assist you on achieving your goals.

Our software development process and experience will help you get your ecommerce platform up and running quickly and smoothly, without any of the usual headaches. We've already been and solved many ecommerce problems for our clients so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel during the development process.

Our Team

Florinel Chis

Technical Lead, TPO

20 years software development experience

We work with both large enterprises that build platforms to expand to global markets or startups with high ambitions.


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Bucharest, Romania